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Welcome to Solid Build

Solid Build is a specialist in the field of testing of various network devices.
We can produce various performance-related tests on the various OSI layers, but also on different media such as glass, copper and wireless. 
Particularly in the areas of wireless and / or other radio technologies we are proud of the fact that we own a Faraday cage with which we have a clean ether available for radio testing.
Besides testing we also represent a couple of companies of testing related products, including ZTI Test & Measure software and Xtramus network test equipment.

We use most these products ourselves, when we perform complete tests for our customers, we work daily with the same products as we represent which gives us a unique position because we are also users, like our customers, of the products that we sell.
We can advise you on the purchase of various test products but we also can take the work out of your hands and perform the necessary tests for you.

Finally, we like you to know that you are welcome to visit us at our test areas and environment and try the test products yourself.

If you have any remarks or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Until then, we thank you for your interest in us.